Invoices processing

Area: Management, Purchasing, Accounting, Finance


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Decreases error rate and increases time to market.

Frees collaborators

to focus on analysis and value-added tasks.

Increases productivity

in processes, technology and human capital.

Speeds up

decision making.

This solution allows the automated loading of supplier receipts, automatically identifying and extracting data from them.

If required, it requests an operator to manually review the file through the Tagger module and automatically loads the information into your company’s management system.

We use Artificial Intelligence techniques that allow this process:

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Automatically recognize and extract

data from vendor receipts.

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Tagger module

If required, ask an operator to manually review the file through the Tagger module.

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Upload the information

automatically to the management system you use.


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Generate automatic, error-free reports in record time. Do not worry about the number of queries or the diversity of information sources.

Save time by bypassing captchas automatically: It is a “plug and play” solution, you only have to coordinate the source of the information.

Recover investment in the short term and improve ROI by increasing usage

0 to 200 ROI in 4 months
201 to 500 ROI in 3 months
From 501 ROI en 2 months

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This solution uses the Tagger by TheEye module.

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