Trading Bot

We created the first automation of the region for financial arbitration.

Our technology enables high levels of efficiency by ensuring estimates and implementation of operations in no time.

Besides, we develop different rationales to prevent the financial mismatch.

Manage better margins

Trading Bot allows scheduling operations and avoiding the opportunity cost of margins that get lost when manually operating and calculating.

It’s so easy to use:

Instructions uploading

Combinations of market instruments, currencies and limits are chosen to operate.


Trading boot operates in the schedule of markets by buying and selling. It also executes better opportunities.


During the operation, you can visualize arising performances and meet the progress of goals.


Get a daily report in Google Sheet, PowerBi or any tool you need.

How does it work?


The Trading Bot connects to the main financial markets, both in the United States and Argentina simultaneously.

You will have to configure initially the combinations of instruments, the values to reach and the objectives or limits.

The Trading Bot will start calculating opportunities and if it finds those that meet the required or better conditions than those indicated, it will trade them.

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Operating cycle

Trading bot: Operating cycle

We connect with the main stock markets:

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