We are the Business Process Automation Open Source platform with leader Artificial Intelligence in LATAM. We use our own technology and methodology.


How did we start?

TheEye was founded in 2017 by Javier Ailbirt, Guido Hernández and Facundo González, who have been friends for years. They carried out a mission:

“To automate those repetitive boring tasks that have no value”

Javier Ailbirt, CEO & Co-Fundador

Automation allows partners to have time for important tasks such as analysis, investigation, customer service improvement , innovation, and so on. Also, automation allows firms to earn in opportunity error and costs and to stand peak workload without additional effort.

Guido, Javier y Facundo Co-Fundadores de TheEye
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TheEye first invested US$ 80.000, which allowed building the first version of the product and getting the first customers.

In 2019, they got an acceleration investment by Globant that validated their technology.

Save time and money by automating your business processes. With TheEye, you can define win-win scenarios with a return on investment in less than 6 months.


To derobotize collaborators in order to free up time to boost their abilities.


To value human talent by automating repetitive tasks with a return on investment in the year.



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Ready to deploy solutions

We offer ready to deploy solutions, lists to implement, to address issues related to management, operations and reports in Administration and Finance, Risk and Legal, Human Resource, Technology and Operations/Sales.

We also deal with certain cases developing customized automations. Besides, our system comes with training and consulting to firms that want to start an automation and digital transformation path.


Until now, TheEye has implemented more than 1440 software bots, generating more than US$ 2 million savings to our clients by the implementation of our solutions.

Bots deployed

We are active in

Colombia, Paraguay, Chile, Mexico and Spain through two channels: direct and partners.