TheEye BPM

TheEye is an orchestrator based on events (technically called choreographer), open source with technology validated by Globant.

In the TheEye platform, microservices are used to automate any kind of process, including tools destined for its management and notification.


What can you do with TheEye?

An easy and quick implementation.
An implementation of apps / microservices and systems (even though they’re old).
Management from one site due to Operations Hub.

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Unique Platform

TheEye connects to any server, app and service providing a single management point.

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360º View

Have a 360 degree view of all business processes from one site.

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Notifications 24/7

Setting of notifications and alarms.


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Multiple Users

Through ACLs, users can approve workflows and execute processes.


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Organization of management

Establishment of workflows. Manual or automatic execution. Finite-state machine allows you to resume the workflow right where you left it.

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Full control

Manage schedule tasks from one site.

What makes us different?

ROI in less than 6 months

More with less. Our pricing allows you to reach the repayment immediately.


We rely on solutions that work as templates, allowing a fast development of backoffice to focus on your product.

We are Open Source

We possess an open-source license. Therefore, we do not have vendor lock in. Solution also uses O.S and works in Docker.


We can integrate legacy systems with blockchain, such as Smart contracts.

No vendor Lock-in

Our automations work on other orchestrators and vice-versa.


We can solve Captcha and ReCaptcha validations for uploading and downloading information in different sites.

Cloud native

It works on the SAAS cloud. Thanks to its node.js and docker technology, On-Premises can work.

Mobile App

Manage your business and make decisions from mobile devices.

Implement our BPM

Adopt a range of actions and moves that change the way its firm works, improve processes and facilitate contribution, taking into account the customer.

Optimize your processes, improve efficiency, facilitate decision making processes and you’ll be more competitive.

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“The challenge of developing digital solutions that meet business demand, both securing and regulatory, involve higher levels of quality without doubt. One of the key metrics is the RPA capacity and monitoring at all levels, going from its infrastructure to the UX itself”.

– Horacio Suárez, Technology Innovation Manager at Comafi Bank –

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