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How do I contract the service?

The platform is contracted as an annual subscription, or as on-premise. We also offer Automation Journey  and Development.

What kind of companies can use it?

Any type of company regardless of its size or activity.

How do I know if it is right for my business?

If your activities include repetitive processes, or where the cost of error or opportunity is significant, these are indications that it is economically viable to automate. In order to define this, please contact one of our specialists.

Can I do a free trial to understand if it is suitable for my business?

As it is a solution that adapts to the requirements and needs of each situation, it is not possible to test it, but you can contact a specialist to evaluate the requirement together and define if it is viable for your business.

What is the implementation process like?

We evaluate automation cases and choose together a high impact one. We only charge you for the implementation and development necessary to address the particularity of your problem. As part of the implementation we include the training of resources in your company to be part of the digital transformation. Once implemented you have a bonus of the platform for 6 months.

Technical aspects

Who can configure the tool?

To configure TheEye, what we call “setting up the remote control”, it is necessary to have IT knowledge (DevOps and scripting). This service is provided by the company or can be done by consulting the documentation.

What kind of profile needs to have the person who uses TheEye?

As it is a simple platform to use, the user profile can be technical as well as non-technical (end user).

How many users can use TheEye?

Depending on the license. For the SAAS and Enterprise plan it starts at 15 users.

Which are the modalities of use of TheEye?

It can be purchased SAAS or OnPremise.

Where does it work, what are the minimum requirements, what technologies does it use?

The bots run on linux (kernel 3.X+) or windows 64 bits. 2008+

To run the onPremise solution you need 2 cores, 2GB of RAM and 40GB of disk, for H.A we recommend the same hardware X3 in case of cluster or at least X2.

TheEye is developed in Nodejs for backend and backbone/ampersand for UX. It uses Mongodb for database, redis for cache and elastic for history and event correlation. The complete solution is implemented using Docker.

How does the support service work, is there any documentation?

 We have local support and we provide remote or on-site service, depending on the customer’s needs. You can write to us at and we will respond as soon as possible. Also, our documentation is online.

What daily activities can be performed with the tool?

– Scheduler activities, such as batch processes.

– Nested monitoring, such as creating a monitor that alerts if three other platforms are alerting.

– Workflows, concatenation of tasks with status verification including approvals. Being able to re-launch the workflow in case of an error or specifically re-launch the flow from a state.

– Centralization of scripting / operations / documentation. Once automated, keeping the automation “alive” is to document online.

– Automation of manual processes, desktop tasks, web, api and integration between systems.

And more…

Invoices processing

What is the Invoices solution?

Invoices is a TheEye solution that allows automated uploading by automatically identifying and extracting data from supplier receipts. If required, it prompts an operator to manually review the file through the Tagger module. And automatically uploads the information into your company’s management system.

In this way, operators can focus on analysis tasks and added value to the business, leaving aside the old-fashioned data-entry.

For the moment, it is only valid in Argentina, saving time, costs and reducing errors!

What kind of receipts does it process?

Invoices, credit notes, debit notes.

How can I test the solution?

Click here and you can request an Online Demo to learn about all the possibilities offered by the Invoice solution.

How do I purchase the Invoice solution?

The solution can be purchased as an annual or monthly subscription. To learn more about the available subscription plans, please contact us.

How is the integration implemented?

In simple steps. Contact us here and a consultant will contact you to offer you the best solution.

What are the minimum requirements for its operation?

It is necessary to have a web browser or a specialized e-mail box to receive the receipts to be uploaded.

How are the files uploaded?

There are two options: the supplier can send it by mail to an e-mail box configured for such purposes or upload the file directly to a folder on the Internet. Then, the platform uploads them one by one, without pause.

How long does it take to upload an invoice completely?

It depends on the system and the type of integration, it can take less than 10 seconds when it is via API and 3 minutes when it is emulating the action of a user on the screen.

What is Supplier Self-Management?

In the case of having a dedicated box for receiving mail, you can assign the supplier to validate the document to continue the process when the system does not recognize an invoice correctly.

Can't find the option to integrate with your management system?

Please write to us at

What is the recognition level of the vouchers to be processed?

The recognition level is about 70% (-30%), it depends a lot on the quality and type of invoice. What the Artificial Intelligence does not find, is complemented with the Tagger module of TheEye.

What is the Invoice Digitizer plan?

It is a plan with more accessible features (Best Effort Recognition and Best Effort Support).

Does the solution recognize purchase tickets?

No, we are working on incorporating this functionality in the near future.

Does the solution handle different currencies?

No, we are working to incorporate multi-currency functionality in the near future.

Does it handle automatic cost center?

No, we will soon incorporate this functionality.

How can I consult the documentation?

You can consult the documentation and FAQ’s of Tagger here.