TheEye Reconciliations

Don’t waste more time doing reconciliations


Automate reconciliations with TheEye

It’s simple and easy to use,

1) Choose the reconciliation

PDF or Excel.

2) Choose files

Configure templates.

3) Get the results

Solve variations.

Bank reconciliations

Stock reconciliations

Reconciliations between businesses

Tax reconciliations

Sales reconciliations

Any type of reconciliations

AI-powered for PDF recognition and reading

Flexibility of integration to any bank and platform

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Plans for every need

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What is TheEye Reconciliations?

It’s a solution to reconcile any kind of information, such as: Account, Bank, Cashflow, Credit Card, Balance Sheet, B2B Payments, and so on.

How does it work?

Follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Create an account, choose a plan (a trial included) and get access to the platform.
  2. Click on “Excel Reconciliation” and upload files.
    First, you have to define the header, the row to start and the columns to reconcile. Settings can be saved as a template.
  3. Done, you’ll get the result via email.
    Watch a demo
Is the reconciliation information saved?

No, information is “stateless”, which means it is stored temporarily. Then, when the reconciliation is generated and delivered to your email, the information is deleted.

What is a template?

A template is a setting of parameters (columns to reconcile, the first row, and the header) generated by the user. This avoids completing parameters again in reconciliations, in those cases, you just have to choose the generated template.

Can it be connected with systems?

Yes, we can integrate any system, both input and output. Indicate us the amount of invoice lines per month, the system or platform needed to integrate, and if it’s via API.

What kind of files are supported?

It supports .xslx, .csv files and .pdf

How are outcomes sent?

Outcomes are sent via email in .xslx format.

How are they paid?

The payment is made by credit card, monthly or with a 40% discount annually.

Do they have a trial?

Yes, 15 or 30 days trial depending on the plan.

More doubts?